Ophelia Goldheart

Ophelia Goldheart – The Damage Gossiping Does To Self Esteem (Akan)

Gossiping, jealousy and backbiting

Ophelia Goldheart - Does Size Matter As Far As Choosing A Partner (Akan)

Does Size Matter As Far As Choosing A Partner

Ophelia Goldheart – Dealing With The Professional Pretenders

Almost everyone is pretending to be someone else or pretend to love friends and families. Almost everyone is wearing a persona to hide his or her true thoughts and feelings from others.

Ophelia Goldheart – Causes Of Break Ups In Relationships (Akan)

While the mechanics of every relationship will differ, I'm confident that 99.9999 times out of 100, the reasons relationships fail is because we aren't giving our partners what they want.

Ophelia Goldheart – Avoid Tightening Vagina To Satisfy Men (Akan)

To deal with what you may perceive as a lack of tightness, contract and release your pelvic-floor muscles — the ones you use to hold in pee — at random times during the day. Then when you're having sex, tighten them as he thrusts.

Ophelia Goldheart – We All Need Somebody In Our Lives (Akan)

People in good relationships have been found to live longer, healthier lives, We all need someone to work and collaborate with, so don't go it alone.